Giveaway | Win a $149 VPS Hosting for a Year 2019

Free VPS Hosting | The reputed Indian web hosting company offering the VPS package, but what do you get from it? Do not come to conclusions that the giveaway account is a limited account with restricted features and services.

Absolutely, no!

Allow me to take you to a quick tour of YouStable VPS hosting features and services the company is offering to the customers.

About YouStable

YouStable is a reputed Indian web hosting, domain registration and digital marketing company aiming to provide budget-friendly packages to the customers. Virtual Private Server web hosting package is a power hosting server for websites to maintain integrity and performance. YouStable has decided to give away one of the accounts for free VPS hosting. There are no hidden charges or cost beneath it, and it is 100% free VPS hosting package.

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YouStable is offering to the customers!

1. SEO Web Hosting

The free windows cloud server offered by YouStable as part of the giveaway is a premium account. Users planning to rank a keyword on search engine require a high-speed server with good server response time. Yes, VPS hosting has physical cores and RAM to power the server, and it is an asset to internet marketers. A fast, responsive, and high-performance VPS hosting is a search engine ranking factor.

2. Free Goodies worth $100

Search Engines have made it mandatory for a website to have an active SSL certificate. YouStable is taking a step forward and offering free SSL Certificate to the masses for free. You save big on SSL certificate and pay for hosting only. Since VPS hosting is for free, you are saving a lot of money already. YouStable has decided to integrate the Webuzo Pro control panel to manage the site including a strong firewall to protect the site from phishing, and hacking.

3. VPS Hosting Packages

YouStable web hosting company in India offering Local, Business and Professional packages to the new customers.
Local ($19.99/month): A single-core CPU with SSD disk drive storage of 25 GB and 1 GB RAM. If you are wondering about the bandwidth, then you get 1000 GB bandwidth.

Business ($29.99/month): The business variant equipped with 2 GB RAM and single-core processor with 50 GB SSD drive storage. The upgradable package offers about 2000 GB bandwidth.

Professional ($49.99/month): The package designed for professionals looking for 4 GB RAM variant with a single-core processor. In the PRO VPS hosting, you get 100 GB SSD space with 5000 GB bandwidth.

I want to inform everyone that the Virtualisation is OpenVZ.

4. Up-time

Let me explain the YouStable VPS hosting up-time in two words, 99.99% uptime.
That’s it. It does not have server downtime because professional engineers maintain server health.

5. Any Limitations?

YouStable is offering the free VPS no credit card, but it does not mean that you are getting a limited access account. The giveaway does not affect the packages, and the company doesn’t limit the account whatsoever. Yes, you are getting a fully functional account with all features accessible. The free windows cloud server runs on the Windows Server operating system. Users can look deeper into the roots because it is a free Linux VPS with root access.

How to Get Free VPS Hosting Step by Step

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