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Hii, I saw your all videos of Digitalocean but i don't understand how to install multiple sites in one droplet. There you say that if you want to install multiple website in one droplet then you need to install your 1st website in PHP server but how to install wordpress in php server?? please give me answer, i want to find this question answer from many days but i didn't find this.
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Follow The below step

1 The first thing you need to set up your Droplet by watching this video - https://youtu.be/K7wR08oFZnE

2 After configuring server simple watch this complete video - https://youtu.be/_yl6AW2Ovag

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Bhai ma janta Hun,,but ma chahata Hun ki 2 WordPress install karu for 2 website in 1 droplet ma..but apne Jo 1st video dia ha php install Karne kalia 1st website ma,,to fir php install Karne ke bad WordPress usime kaise install karu.... please help