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Actually i had google adsense account but i forgot its password, no website is connected with that account.. Now when i applied for google adsense for my new website last week from my new@gmail.com i got mail *** have already adsense account on old@gmail.com... I tried to access my account but still getting problem, now how can i apply for google adsense ??
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*** Can Make New Gmail With New Mobile, Mobile Number, New Name, and New Adress 

Then *** Can Make Adsense Account For webSite or YouTube Or Admob

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In this case, *** can apply with * different name, for example, *** can use your family member name like father, ******, sister etc.

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Please try this method.

Open adsense.

And click >>  Find My Account.

Enter your email to recover password.

But if *** can take * risk.

*** can cancel your previous adsense account ( forgotten password) and then *** can apply for new adsense account with same name , address, phone number.
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where i will get cancel adsense account option??
Wait I will give *** link. It is in my PC and I am using mobile right now.
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Check This Link : Click Here

*** can see the Image it is working 100%.

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It will cancel without sign in to
my account ??
yes it will. But 4 things *** have to know about your previous adsense account.
1. First name
2. Last name
3. E-mail
4. AdSense Publisher ID

*** can find your Publisher ID, where *** have pasted your first ad-code for verifying your blog to adsense.
thank *** bro :-)
I recovered my old adsense account, and applied for fully approved.. is there any problem i applied 2 times from different accounts for single website?? how can i cancel my old applied appplication??