2023’s Best WordPress Hosting Providers

When it comes to WordPress Hosting we always search for best, cheap and powerful hosting providers. There are plenty Of companies providing wordpress hosting. In This article, We are going to give a brief comparison between 7 Best WordPress Hosting Providers In 2021.

Before moving to the main topic lets know the basic first.

What Is Hosting?

If we say in simple language a hosting is the space where we can save our files related to website, blogs, apps etc. For making an website or blog hosting is must needed. Without hosting we can’t even think about making a blog.

There are many types of hosting provided by companies to their customer. You can choose one of those as per your requirement.

The types of hostings are shared hosting, cloud hosting, vps hosting, dedicated server, wordpress hosting.

But in this article, we are only focusing on wordpress hosting.

What Is WordPress Hosting?

Before moving to wordpress hosting first know what is wordpress. WordPress is a very famous and online website creation tool. It is completely open source designed with php language.

As the name says wordpress hosting is the hosting plan specially designed for wordpress. Its provides batter security, high speed, on time wordpress updates. In this plan, you will get regular backup facility.

There are hundreds of  wordpress hosting providers across the world. Choosing the best among them is realy a tough task.

But don’t worry, we are here to guide you on choosing best wordpress hosting among those providers.

Types Of  WordPress Hosting

Basically, there are two types of wordpress hosting: traditional and managed

What is traditional hosting

In traditional wordpress hosting the provider gives you somes space in a server that is shared to many people. The hosting provider only provides you the server space.

You have to do all the work manually such as

  • Manually set the hosting
  • Installing wordpress
  • Transfer old website to new server
  • You have to update your installed plugin manually
  • Taking backup of your site
  • Manually check your site for any malware affection or hacking attempts.
  • Handling traffic

What is managed wordpress hosting

As like traditional or shared wordpress hosting, we have discussed above managed wordpress hosting is fully opposite.

Here you don’t need to do all the task such as setup hosting, installing wordpress manually. The hosting provider do it for you. You only need to focus on your content writing.

That’s the beauty of managed wordpress hosting.

Do you need a managed wordpress hosting

Its completly depends on you. If you are new to blogging or if your blog or website gets low traffic, go with shared hosting.

In the other hand if you want to make your blog or site smooth and super fast choose managed hosting. There are many wordpress hosting providers provides specific hosting.

All the important work such as installing wordpress, regular updates, backups, security checks are done by the hosting providers.

How To Choose Best and Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider

There are a lot to check before choosing a hosting. As the web hosting plays an important role in ranking on search engine. I always prefer you to research well before choosing web hosting.

Choosing a perfect wordpress hosting for an website is as important as choosing right diet for your body. The best you choose the more result you get.

Before selecting a web hosting you have to check below.

  • Price of the hosting
  • Customer support
  • Regular backup
  • Simple setup interface
  • Security updates
  • Speed

Do you think that you need all of them? Don’t worry i have selected 7 best web hosting provider based on there features.

  • Is there wordpress pre-installed for you?
  • Automatic regular backups.
  • Automatic wordpress updates to ensure that you site is always updated.
  • 24/7 security monitoring service for malware infections to prevent your site from hackers.
  • Specific webservers designed to manage and run wordpress smoothly.
  • The most important is customer support. Always ready to help 24/7.

2021’s Best WordPress Hosting Providers

As we said above there are tons of hosting providers across the globe to manage wordpress smoothly. All those wordpress hosting providers have different plan and pricing.

We will tell you how to choose the best and cheap wordpress hosting plan from those providers. If you are a newbie read this complete article.

In this article, we have discussed best and cheap 7 wordpress hosting providers. If you don’t have much time to read this complete article just follow this quick compairsion below.

Bluehost $3.95 10/10 99.99% 425ms
WP Engine $25 10/10 99.97% 419ms
Hostinger $0.90 10/10 99.99% 714ms
Flywheel $13 09/10 99.98% 430ms
A2 Hosting $2.99 10/10 99.91% 377ms
IPage $3.75 09/10 99.98% 820ms
Namecheap $3.88 10/10 99.99% 192ms

Hope this above table helped you. If you still want to know more read this complete article

#01 Bluehost

When we talk about web hosting bluehost comes first in our mind. Bluehost is one of the best hosting provider for wordpress. WordPress officially recommends bluehost hosting.

There are two types of wordpress hosting plan bluehost provides.

  1. Shared wordpress hosting
  2. Wp pro managed wordpress hosting

01 Shared wordpress hosting

This is the most popular wordpress hosting plan provided by bluehost. If you are new to blogging field it is best for you.

It is very fast and easy to use and manage. It includes wordpress with the hosting. You don’t need to install it manually. Also, you will get free ssl certificate with this plan.

Bluehost also provides free domain name registration for first year. You can start building your site just starting from $3.95/month(check before you buy).

You can check all about the plan details below.

Basic plan

  • You can host only 1 website
  • Also, get free ssl certificate
  • You, will, get 50 gb ssd storage
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • You can use 5 parked domains
  • Also, connect 25 subdomains with main domain
  • $200 marketing credit bonus

Plus plan

  • You can host unlimited websites
  • Also, get free ssl certificate
  • Unmetered ssd storage for your blog
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Park unlimited domains with this plan
  • You can connect unlimited subdomains
  • $200 marketing credit bonus
  • 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days

Choice plus plan

  • Unlimited websites in this plan
  • Free ssl certificate for your blog
  • Also, get unmetered ssd storage
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Also, get unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited subdomains can be connected
  • $200 marketing credit bonus
  • You can also get, codeguard basic backup
  • 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days

**** price of the plan may varie time to time. Please check before buy.

#02 WP Engine

As like bluehost wp engine is also among famous wordpress hosting providers. Its plan starts at only $25/month.

Let’s discuss the plan below.

Managed wordpress hosting providers wp engine comes with four plans as startup, growth, scale, custom. Let us discuss in details.


  • Genesis framework included with this plan
  • Also, get 35+ studiopress themes
  • Always on 24/7 chat support
  • Get dev, stage, prod environments for management
  • Easily transferable sites for all your blog
  • Ready to use php 7.2
  • Very largefs included
  • Also provides global cdn
  • Super page performance
  • Free and automated ssl certificates

This plan can host up to 1 blog. Monthly visitors of 25000 can be handled easily in this plan. It includes 10gb local storage with 50gb bandwith per month.


You, will, get all facilities as startup package plus 24/7 phone support. This plan can handle a traffic up to 100000 per month.

The provider also give you 20gb of local storage with this wordpress hosting. Also, 200gb of monthly bandwidth will be given with this plan.

You can host a maximum of 10 website with this plan. You can also add adon facilities given by wp engine.


With this plan, the wp engine providers gives you all the facilities of growth plan plus extra benefits for wordpress hosting.

In this plan, your hosting can handle a traffic up to 400000 per month. Local storage space of 50 gb is included with this plan. The maximum bandwith per month is 500gb.

You can host up to 30 website with this hosting plan.

Custom plan

If you own a large business and need high-quality hosting than you can customize your plan. The wp engine wordpress hosting providers will discuss about all your need and make a suitable plan for you.

This plan is specially designed for high performance with 24/7 support.

You can also add adon with all those plan such as

  • Global edge security for your site
  • Also, get application performance
  • Dedicated dev environments for your hosting
  • Full guide on customer success management
  • 24/7 ticket plus chat and phone support
  • High availability

#03 Hostinger

When it comes to cheap wordpress hosting providers hostinger is officially recommended by wordpress. They claim to be very easy and powerful to use.

hostinger comes with four powerful plans for wordpress hosting those are Single WordPress, WordPress Starter, Business WordPress, and WordPress Pro.

#04 Flywheel

There are several wordpress hosting plans available under flywheel hosting providers. The main features of flywheel are as below.

  • Incredible infrastructure
  • Real support from real humans
  • The ideal sftp setup
  • Streamlined collaboration
  • Speedy site development
  • A simple dashboard

There are many plans to choose from such as below describe.

For single website

There are there plans available for hosting a single site.

Tiny plan

  • 1 wordpress install
  • 5,000 monthly visits
  • 5gb disk
  • 250gb bandwidth
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • No overage charges
  • Free ssl certificate
  • Cdn (+$10/mo)

Starter plan

  • 1 wordpress install
  • 25,000 monthly visits
  • 10gb disk
  • 50gb bandwidth
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • No overage charges
  • Free ssl certificate
  • Free staging site
  • Cdn (+$10/mo)
  • Multisite (+$10/mo)

You can compare all the above plan. After comparing choose the right plan for you.

For hosting multiple site

Freelance plan

  • 10 wordpress install
  • 100,000 monthly visits
  • 20gb disk
  • 200 bandwidth
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • No overage charges
  • Includes ssl certificate
  •  staging site
  • Free cdn
  • Multisite


  • 30 wordpress installs
  • 400,000 monthly visits
  • 50gb disk
  • 500gb bandwidth
  • Phone support
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • No overage charges
  • Get free ssl certificate
  • Free staging sites
  • Discounted cdn and multi-site
  • Dedicated account manager

Compare all the plan as per your requirements before making any decision.

#05 A2hosting

A2hosting is one of the best managed wordpress hosting providers. It clams to give to 20 times more page speed as compared to its competitors. A2hosting is very easy to use with more user-friendly environment.

Currently, there are three managed wordpress hosting plans under this provider.

For one site

With this plan, you can host only one site. This wordpress hosting plan includes

  • 1 website
  • 100GB SSD storage
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Free ssl, ssd & cdn
  • Turbo (up to 20x faster)
  • Powered by plesk
  • Site staging
  • Easy, automated backups
  • Free jetpack personal license
  • Free & easy site transfer
  • Anytime money back guarantee

For unlimited site

In other all plan you can host unlimited number of websites. This is probably the best wordpress hosting plan by this providers. It includes:

  • Host unlimited websites
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Free ssl, ssd & cdn
  • Turbo (up to 20x faster)
  • Powered by plesk
  • Site staging
  • Easy, automated backups
  • Free jetpack personal license
  • Free & easy site transfer
  • Anytime money back guarantee

The minimum price for hosting single site starts from nearly $2.99. Check and compare all the plan before making any decision.

#06 IPage

If you want to make your own wordpress site and looking for hosting providers, ipage is for you. They also give free one year of domain registration with every plan.

Ipage hosting provides you two most popular plan. You have to choose one of them.

Wp starter

This is the basic wordpress hosting plan by ipage hosting providers. It includes

  • Free 1yr. Domain registration
  • Unlimited storage
  • Also, unlimited bandwidth
  • Customized control panel
  • Pre-installed themes & plugins

Wp essential

This is the most powerful wordpress hosting plan provided by ipage. Ipage recommends it. It includes

  • Free 1yr. Domain registration
  • Unlimited storage
  • Get unlimited bandwidth
  • Customized control panel
  • Pre-installed themes & plugins
  • WordPress expert support
  • Automatic malware removal
  • Sitelock professional security

#07 Namecheap

As in the name, Namecheap is the cheapest wordpress hosting provider. Namecheap shared hosting comes with SSD storage, Unmetered bandwidth and more.

Complete features of namecheap hosting are:

  • Easy to use control panel
  • Php, mysql, ruby, python, and more
  • 24/7 tech support via email and chat
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Free SSL
  • 1 click easy wordpress install
  • Free CDN

There are three types of wordpress hosting plan available on site5 providers. Those are EasyWP Starter, EasyWP Turbo and EasyWP Supersonic.

Compare all those three plan and select the one that suite best for you.


This above article we tried our best to guide you on choosing best and cheap wordpress hosting providers. If you had read all the article we are sure that it will help you choosing best hosting provider.

We have discussed all the features and prices of best 7 wordpress hosting providers above. Hope you like this.

Further, if you have any doubt, our comment box is always open for you. Always feel free to ask.

Please motivate us by giving your valuable suggestions.

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