Cloud Hosting – A Definitive Guide 2021

Cloud Hosting | Uses of the internet are skyrocket nowadays. The world has witnessed the growth of digital platform from few years. Every day millions of new users and devices are connecting to this ocean, making and breaking all the previous records.

As people are more adapting to the new age digital platforms, the business also turning their face towards the new horizon. Making their online presence, business and organizations are intended to build their websites and stores online. The purposes may differ from business to business, but the intention and motto are one. Make their presence online.

Whenever someone says about the website, many names revolves around mind. Like domain name, hosting and tons more. You may have heard about all of these before.

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Although website and all these things are not new to the world, some revolutionary technology has made their presence already. “Cloud hosting”, a game-changing and revolutionary technology in the field of hosting.

After hearing this word “Cloud hosting”, you may have many queries regarding this. Something like what is cloud hosting, how does cloud hosting works, what are the benefits of cloud hosting, is the cloud hosting is the future? It is obvious to rise such type of queries.

Don’t worry, I will cover all the queries and each and everything related to cloud hosting. So let’s get deep dive into it.

What is Cloud hosting?

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This is the center point of our discussion. Before going to discuss anything on cloud hosting, let’s start with this. The most basic queries among the people are what is cloud hosting?

The cloud hosting seems little bit technical but let’s try to understand this in layman terminology.

The cloud hosting is a whole network of virtual servers that tap into an underlying network of physical web servers. The resources required for a website are spread across the network of servers and are rendered as per need basis. So it can be scaled up or down accordingly.

How does cloud hosting work?

After knowing the concept, you may have the curiosity to known how it works.

In another hosting, your resources are present in one physical server. But in cloud hosting, the resource is pulled dynamical according to need. Your website is running on a network of servers. You may consider the network of servers as the cloud. As simple as it is.

In this type of approach, the load on a single physical server is distributed on a network of servers. Hence the load on a single server is distributed. So as a website owner, you can get the best performance on cloud hosting.

Types of cloud hosting

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In our known, there is two type of cloud hosting. One is public cloud hosting and another is private cloud hosting.

Public cloud : – In public cloud hosting, your data is stored in the hosting provider’s data center. They are responsible for all the maintenance and management of the data center. This type of hosting is common because it takes minimum time and effort. One of the drawbacks is that security lacking. However, the security breaches in public clouds are rare.

Private cloud: – A private cloud hosting is also known as an enterprise or internal cloud. This is one company’s own hosted data center and all the data is protected behind a firewall. This can be a good option for the multi-billion dollar companies. Here is also a drawback. It is quite difficult to manage, maintain the data centers. Private clouds give a maximum level of security and you have the complete control over it.

Now you may have the confusion. Which cloud hosting should I choose? There are many hosting providers that provide this hosting services.

I have written a dedicated article for this sot that you choose the right one. Feel free to check the best cloud hosting providers in 2019. You will get better clarity.

Hybrid cloud: – Beyond these two type of cloud, there is another cloud named Hybrid cloud. It is quite unfamiliar and rare know the term in the hosting industry.

The Hybrid cloud is the mix of public and private cloud. You may think why people are adopting this cloud? Well, It allows multiple variations on the customization of servers and can be deployed on a low budget also.

The cloud vs the internet

People are bit confuses and consider the cloud and internet interchangeably. But the reality is different.

Cloud is a tiny piece of the whole internet. You may consider the Internet behaves as one macro cloud system. But it can’t define the whole internet infrastructure.

Benefits of cloud hosting

We have discussed so many things regarding cloud hosting. But why is such a hype about this hosting? Is there any benefit of it? Let’s find out.

There are many types of hostings are already available in the market. If your searching for the best web hosting providers in 2021, then you can get the dedicated article here.

So there some temptation that attracts people towards it. The following are some benefits.

Reliability: Your website resources will be present in the network of virtual servers, rather than being hosted on a single physical server. If any server goes offline then there will be no effect on the availability of your website. The resources are present in the network it can pull the resource from the remaining servers. So there is no change of off time or server maintenance or something like that.

Here one concept falls, data mirroring. Cloud hosting automatically distributes many mirrored copies of your website data across multiple servers. This ensures the safety and redundancy. So there is no change in data inconsistency.

Scalability: It is also a unique feature in cloud hosting. Many time the main problem arises when a website needs more server resource. In other hosting packages you have limited capacity. You can’t exceed that.

But in this hosting, If any website claims some extra resource from the hosting, it is available. The resign may be a spike in traffic or the new implementation of a functionality. It can happily access it. It is the best choice for resource-intensive applications.

Performance: One can get the highest level of performance in this type of hosting. The service providers are using the sophisticated hardwires. The servers are configured and optimized to provide maximum output.

So your website content will load in lightning speed. Although the site speed does not only depend on the server hardware, there is a number of reasons that can affect the site speed.

As you know, better loading speed has many benefits as well.

Utility style pricing plan: Although the pricing plan of the cloud hosting is more costly than any other type of hosting. But when it comes to the extra uses and costs, there is no competitor of this.

When you have traffic spikes and need extra resources, then it is available. The hosting provider will charge you only for the extra uses. If you have not used any extra resources, then you are inside your plan.

Security: As the cloud data centers are built in sophisticated environments, you can expect the best level of security. The servers are also surrounded with many firewalls and network level security.

So the change of data theft and cyber-attack is comparatively less than another type of hosting.

With these many advantages, this may be a best hosting service providers. So after seeing these advantages, you may have the wish to migrate to cloud hosting.

There is a number of cloud hosting providers in the market. Before going to choose any of the hosting providers makes your choice wisely. Or you can go through this guide.

Cloud hosting or Dedicated server hosting

Many people stop at this point. They are in a fumble that which hosting is best for him. Whether cloud hosting or dedicated server hosting.

You may have heard the term dedicated server or dedicated server hosting before. In this type of hosting you can get a full server access. No one will use your server resource.

So, how can we decide which one should we use? If you ask me about this, then my one line answer is it depends. You may think why I am telling like this? Because it can’t be decided in a single point of view. It can depend on various factors. I am going to discuss some of the points regarding this. You will decide based on that.

However, let’s analyze some points that can lead us to decide which one you should use.

Cost difference

One of the major factors is cost. The monthly cost for the dedicated server may range from $25 to $1000. The low range dedicated server hosting is not that much efficient.

In cloud hosting, it completely depends on how much you use. The minimum billing usually starts at $50, and there is no upper limit. Because you’re billed at a “pay-as-you-use” model.

The best thing in cloud hosting is that there is nothing that is capped like dedicated servers. Whatever be the data transfer cost or data store cost, a user is billed only for what he has used on the cloud.


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This is another major factor that every company or organization needs. People are migrating to this cloud platforms just because of performance.

As we know already, dedicated servers are fast. Because your website is running on a whole server. But there is a dark spot on it. A commonly known term in the dedicated server is “dirty” instance.

You know that computer slows down over a period of time. It is due to too many junk program files and temp files. This is exactly in case of running server. It slows down over a period of time. This needs some clean-up activity or restarting the server. This leads to off-time many costs, to a business.

Cloud hosting also uses servers and they also contain unwanted program files or temp files. But you can’t felt the “dirty” instance. Because your website data is present in multiple servers. So a server that contains your file is on clean-up process then your website data will be pulled from other servers dynamically. Your website can be run without interrupting things.


This is the biggest difference between these two. In the case of cloud hosting, data is stored and retrieved dynamically from multiple servers on the cloud network. If one of the servers, unfortunately, crashes down, your website/web app has no effect and won’t go down. It may feel some performance issues but it can be neglected.

However, there is no such possibility in the case of a dedicated server. No backup kicking in is available. In case of a server crash, your website/web app directly goes on. In this interval of time, there is no solution available until the server is repaired, and starts up-and-running again. In this point, the cloud hosting kept the dedicated server hosting way behind.

As I have told you in the beginning, It depends on many factors. So, after reading the positive and negative part of both the hosting, what should be your choice? Feel free to write to me in the comment and let me know.

Future of cloud hosting

The world has witnessed the power of the cloud environment. So the race to the cloud hosting already begins. Many media to large organizations are adopting the cloud environment. The days are not so far when you are using the desktop application directly on the web browser. They will not use a computer or laptop resource. Some applications are already adopting this type of approach.

As the pricing plays a great role, it has considerably come down over the last 4-5 years. We may expect the price will decrease more in coming years. Then the rush to the cloud may begin.

Final thoughts

So, we have covered a lot in this article. What is a cloud hosting to the benefits and future? I think you have got your answers to your queries.

Cloud hosting a remarkable change in the hosting industry. The cost factor is still a major concern for small businesses. It also still quite unknown to many industries.

So, it may be the future of hosting.

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I hope this article helped you to learn about cloud hosting. You may also want to see – Best Cloud Hosting Providers In 2021.

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