Types of Mode in Linux Programming

in vi editor are three mode available command mode,input mode,execution mode,the following discription of all mode in the details.

Command Mode

      It is the mode where you will be giving commands to vi editor.

      When you invoke vi,this is the mode where you will be placed initially.

Input Mode

      In this mode,user can add text to the file.

      It is also called editing mode.

      When you want to insert at the current cursor position,give command i.

      You will now get placed in the input mode and you can perform adding text.

      No command can be given while you are in the input mode.

      To move back to the command mode press "ESC" key.

Execution Mode

      It enables you to give commands at the command line.

      To move to the ex mode,press ":"(colon) if you are in command mode.

      If you are in the input mode.first press "ESC" key and then press ":" to move

       the ex mode.

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