5 Greatest Platforms for Travel Blogging

Best Platforms for Travel Blogger | Blogging allows you to not only express your thoughts but also make good money. A growing number of people start blogging in the hope that this will help them grow and earn a certain level of income.

Today, travel blogs are very popular. People, who like traveling, talk about their adventures, share different tips, and advise places of interest to visit.

For example, you completed an unforgettable trip to the USA by car, and you had a positive experience with Enterprise rent a car at BWI Airport in Baltimore. Of course, it would be a great idea to tell you more about this, including the places you visited, the price of a rental car, and the cheapest gas stations on your way. Also, it won’t only help other travelers better prepare for the trip – you will also get an advantage from this.

Of course, before creating a blog, you need to be extremely careful about choosing the right platform. It should include a complete set of features that will help make a successful website.

What are the major parameters of the blog platform?

  • Value for money – the cost of the service must match the resources received.
  • Eaa se of settings – the possibility to use the full functionality of the platform without special programming skills.
  • Convenient editing of texts and visual materials.
  • The ability to SEO-promoting and improving the natural ranking factors.
  • Service flexibility – the ability to change the design of the blog and add new features at any time.
  • The size of the community – the potential audience and those who will help to understand the intricacies of the settings.

Let’s check the most popular blogging platforms with free or partially free tariffs to evaluate the effectiveness of starting a travel blog based on them.

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#01 WordPress

We will start with WordPress – the best blogging platform that allows you to create not only simple spaces for articles but also something more. This is a highly versatile CMS, which is created in PHP. That is, you won’t be limited to a simple blog.

You can make a landing, online store, a large information portal, or even all them together. Nevertheless, the initial function of WordPress is to create a blog site. If you take into account that a huge proportion of all sites in the world work on WP, then you can understand why it’s among of the best travel blogging platforms.

With WordPress, you can create your blog in a couple of days. It really will be yours, and nobody but you can dispose of it. Later, you can connect the site to other platforms by setting up relaying. This will increase the level of traffic and earnings.

You can make your travel blog even cooler. It all depends on your own preferences and fantasies.


#02 Ghost

Ghost is a professional publishing platform that allows you to create a unique modern blog with its own chips and features. It can be considered as the ideological successor of WordPress, because once the latter was conceived as a purely blogging CMS. Subsequently, the WP changed direction and became a universal solution. But Ghost remains true to its principles – on this CMS you can only create a blog and nothing more.

So, the blog on Ghost is usually of a very high quality, fast and beautiful. That is, if you want to create a purely travel blog site, then Ghost will be a great choice.

CMS runs on Node.js, so if you want to use it on your own hosting, you will have to worry about installing the necessary components. However, if you don’t want to spend time and effort on the installation, it’s possible to use the solution from the developers. In this case, the site will be hosted directly on their servers.

#03 Blogger

The platform allows you to create a website on the third-level subdomain blogspot.com. It’s easy to use, so every user can create a blog in couple of minutes. In addition, it has additional advantages in the form of reliability and security provided by from Google, which has owned the service since 2003.

However, Blogger restricts users in design and settings. Compared to other sites, there are a small number of topics and a fairly simple editor.

The asset is synced with other Google services, such as Drive or Photos. Thanks to this, attaching photos to posts is much easier. Knowledge of programming languages will help make the blog more diverse.

#04 Weebly

With Weebly, you can create blogs and even simple online stores. The service has a convenient visual designer that offers real-time brick-by-page system with the necessary functions. To do this, you just need to configure and drag the blocks of the site within the selected template.

For using a personal domain, you can register it inside the service – .com, .net, .org zones are supported. It’s also possible to connect previously registered domains. The free plan includes only a subdomain and 500 MB of disk space. More space and features to control the site are available in paid tariff plans.

#05 Tumblr

This is a free platform in which blogs form something like a social network. Readers can subscribe to updates of their favorite authors and repost their publications in their toggle switches or other services.

Tumblr is more suitable for microblogging. The ideal publication format for this service is a minimum of text, a maximum of multimedia files: music tracks, pictures, videos and gifs. There are no extensive options for customizing the appearance and functionality of blogs.

So, we examined the most popular platforms where you can create your own travel blog. All of them have their pros and cons. However, the final choice depends on whether you just want to write posts and share your opinion or if you plan to make profit from your website in the future.

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