10+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Best WordPress Backup Plugins: Online world is very frangible.

There are a lot of unpredictable things that can happen to your website. It may be due to core updates, incompatible plugins, code errors, or even by hackers.

So, backing up your site is a must-do thing.

But if you just hatching to WordPress world, you may start worrying about which plugins and themes you are going to use on their WordPress blog— it normal, even happen to me when I was started.

Forget about all. You don’t need the most plugins and themes.

In the primary days of your blogging, you don’t need to have a great theme or plugins. But what you need the most is posting content online. 

In doing so, one of the plugins that you need the most is the WordPress Backup plugins.

Yes, that’s right.

They are crucial. They are vital. And don’t even try to cut them out in your primary list of plugins that you should install right after you hammered your WordPress site on your hosting server.

So, you can’t say ‘NO’ to WordPress backup plugins.

This is important.

That’s why I am going to give you a list of the best wordpress backup plugin 2022 that are available in the WordPress directory.

Best WordPress BackUp Plugins [Premium & Free]

Before I tell you the list of best backup plugins for WordPress, I clarify what are the ground rules for this listing? And more importantly, how I come up with the list?

The following are the criteria for that:

  1. Number of Active Installations
  2. Last updated, at least 6 months older
  3. User Ratings
  4. Ease to Backup and Restore
  5. Automatic and Schedule Backups
  6. Exclusive Features

Moreover, all the plugins were tested on the latest WordPress 5.8. And only made into this list, because they do their job.

So, each plugin is good at backing up your site.

But I made you clear, later in the post, which is best for you along with my recommendation.

#1 UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

best wordpress backup plugins

No one can beat UpdraftPlus when it comes to its workability and functionality.

It works like a charm. There is nothing that disappoints you.

UpdraftPlus offers free backing up services on various remote locations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Azure, FTP servers, Backblaze, Microsoft One Plus, and many more.

The following screenshot shows you all the list of available backup remote storage options. 

best wordpress backup plugins

So, you have numerous options to store your WordPress backup files on remote cloud storage.

Talking about backup files, UpdraftPlus backups files include plugins, themes, uploads, database, etc. 

In spite of its backup capabilities, restoring from backup files is also easy. You just need to do some simple clicks to restore your WordPress.

Highlighted Features

  • The most trusted tool for backing up WordPress websites with 3 million active installations. 
  • Relentlessly efficient functionality with a simple dashboard.
  • One-Click restore and back-up module.
  • 15+ popular cloud storage integrations.
  • Single window to manage your backup files.
  • Manual deletion backups are also available to prevent your data from any loss.
  • Automatic backup with desired frequency schedulers.
  • Don’t allocate too much of your server resources.

Premium Features

  • Backup your website on their dedicated Updraft servers (UpdraftVault storage).
  • Cloning and Migration to new servers or domains.
  • Backup non-WordPress files and databases.
  • Save cloud storage space with incremental backups.
  • WP-CLI support.
  • Scheduling exact time to fetch backups.
  • Automatically backup your site whenever the site is updated including plugins, theme, and WordPress itself.
  • One Window for multisite WordPress backup.
  • Secure sensitive databases with real-time encryption.
  • Ads-free workability.
User Ratings: 4.8

#2 iThemes BackupBuddy

best wordpress backup plugins

Since 2010, BackupBuddy provides easy solutions for backing up WordPress files with no monthly subscription cost. 

Yes, they are different. They don’t tug you money on a monthly or yearly basis.

They come with non-subscription pricing. 

So, pay once per website. Sound goods! Yeah, they are.

But it seems even more pleasing when I told you that it gives nearly all the features that the UpdraftPlus Premium subscription has. 

The starting plan is $80 for one website. However, let’s say, you have more than one website, you can go with a Freelancer plan— you can manage up to 10 websites in a single window.

Apart from this, they have two more remarkable features i.e. inbuilt malware scan and Serialized Data. So, they can give comprehensive malware security along with Serialized functionality. 

But what makes it the best premium backup WordPress plugin is simple staging tools to make changes to a live website.

They also make sure that your website has zero uptime while changing hosting accounts.

Highlighted Features

  • Clean and simple design with five different backup profiles.
  • Move the entire website to a new server in clicks.
  • Easy to make changes on live websites such as changing the domain or URL.
  • Fabolous URL replacement tool. Even replaces the URL/ domain name in the database.
  • WordPress Migration comes in handy for the freelancer for delivering client websites.
  • One-click cloning and WordPress Staging for editing and other development.
  • Entire or Selection based backup module.
  • Free Malware scan along with blacklist checks.
  • Tracks server problems and recommends necessary actions.
  • Serialized data and resolved any restoring problem.
  • Inbuilt WordPress Cron manager.
  • Repairs, scans, and filters any issues with the database of the website.
User Ratings: 4.6

#3 All-in-One WP Migration

best wordpress backup plugins

Highly simplified design.

If you’re looking for a backup plugin with a small size and simple design, All-in-One WP Migration is for you.

Though it is not that much popular as other WordPress backup plugins, but it does its job perfectly. 

I would say, with this WordPress backup plugin, you majorly have only two options i.e. backup and restore.

But, it is just damn good. 

After finalizing the initial setup, you will set up it profoundly without any hectic command lines and FTP logins. 

One other advantage of using the All-in-One WP Migration backup plugin is that it backups your files and data in smaller chunks, usually less than 2MB.

This becomes practically viable for most shared hosting companies, as they majorly set up the upper limit of transfer files to a max of 2MB. 

So, you have two options, either increase the transfer size or use this backup plugin. 

Highlighted Features

  • 15+ remote cloud storage to connect with.
  • One-click backup and restore functionality. 
  • Drag and drop import window.
  • Archived backups listed by ordered date. 
  • Bypass the upper limit restrictions of 2MB by shared hosting companies. 
  • Creates backup of all databases including MySQL and MySQLi.
  • WP-CLI integration.
  • You can download backup files to local storage. 
  • Active replacements from inbuilt find and replace operations while experimenting with the database.
User Ratings: 4.6

#4 BlogVault

No server load with BlogVaults. 

Why? Because they don’t need your server resources to back up WordPress websites. 

That’s what makes it one of the most trustful backup software. Companies such as Astra and Cloudways also featured BlogVaults services.

For acknowledgment, it is Software as a Service (SaaS) that comes with less than $8/ month. 

With that much trust and affordable pricing, you will get all the features that you need to sustain your web backups. 

As they don’t need your server to backup, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have options to fetch your backups to other cloud storage services. 

They also do malware scans for your website and remove them for free.

So, if you’re heading to a service that will not only backup and restores your website at any time along with free security add-ons, BlogVault could be best for you.

This altogether concluded BlogVaults as the best WordPress premium Backup SaaS software

Highlighted Features

  • Apart from backup, staging facility is also available.
  • Backup each element of your website whether, it’s plugin, theme, or databases. It quills up everything on your website servers. 
  • Minimum 90 days of backup archives.
  • Automatic backup sync on their servers.
  • Also capable of backing up the Woocommerce website.
  • Restore or recover your website with the one-click module.
  • Migrate your websites flawlessly between servers.
  • Even merge to live sites without losing any traffic (handy for high traffic business).
  • Various Cloud Backup Storage options are available.
  • Exclusive Security features for WordPress users. Automatic Malware Scan, Automatic + unlimited Malware Removal, and extra shield for website firewall.
  • Exclusive features to WooCommerce: Real-time Backups, Backup orders details, login protection 
  • Monitor performance and uptime of your site.
User Ratings: 4.2

#5 Duplicator

Not entirely free when it comes to backing up the site using Duplicator. Yes, that’s true.

Duplicator WordPress plugins let you do a lot of stuff. Cloning, migration, copying, and moving your site are some features offered by duplicator. 

Here, the thing — not entirely for backing, means that you can save the copy of your site. You can either save them to your host server or download them to your local computer.

It’s up to you.

But the major disadvantage of using Duplicator as the backup plugins is, each time you have to take manual backup. No automatic backup is available in the free version.

With Duplicator, you can perform serialized replacement using the base64 serialized feature. This comes in handy to permit database changes. 

More importantly, in its dashboard, you can manage all the achieved backups. Using this dashboard, you can install, archived, or delete the backup copies.

In short, this tool is not for those who are not frequently log in to their website or those who already run a high-end website.

But if you subscribe to their pro version, you will get all of these lacking features.

Highlighted Features

  • Move, clone, and backup your website with ease without any downtime.
  • Clone a live website to the staging area.
  • With few clicks, transfer your website between hosting.
  • Store backup files to your local server.
  • Full WordPress migration without doing separate import and export scripts.

Pro Features

  • Scheduled backups to different cloud storage platforms along with FTP/SFTP support.
  • Simple drag and drop installation of archived backups.
  • Recovery points for very fast emergency site restore.
  • Multi-thread to support larger websites.
  • Create user and database scripts using cPanel API keys.
  • Email notifications for the live changes on the various parameters monitored or governed by the Duplicator plugin.
  • 24×7 Professional Support.
User Ratings: 4.9

#6 BoldGrid Backup (Total Upkeep)

BoldGrid Backup (Total Upkeep)

Premium plugins with affordable pricing. If you’re looking for a premium WordPress backup solution, BoldGrid Backup could be the right choice for you.

The pricing for its subscription starts at 2.50$ per month.

This bundle is stacked with features including automated backups, migration, cloning, and fault protection.

But the best part is, if you want to try their service, you can also download its free versioned backup plugin called Total Upkeep.

The plugin itself is packed with the basic features that compile all the needs for backing up your site.

However, to store the backup on various cloud storage, you are needed to subscribe to their yearly plans. 

Its features don’t end here.

You can also clone or duplicate the website locally or on any server. 

In spite of these general features, Total Upkeeps checks for possible errors that will affect the creating backups.

Rollback updates and staging are a couple of other features that can make it one of the considerable choices as premium backup WordPress plugins

Highlighted Features

  • Schedule automated backing up solution for your WordPress site.
  • One-click backup and restore at any time from the last 10 backup archives.
  • You can use their staging facility to edit or check the compatibility of new plugins or themes for your website.
  • Easy to migrate websites between different hosting servers.
  • Fault Protection feature. It creates an automatic backup before the WordPress core update. This simply saves your websites from breaking up with new WordPress updates.
  • Auto Rollback feature automatically restores the last backup from the archives.
  • Monitor your site performance and server uptime.
  • Regular scan for the issues and error scripts that could cause problems while restoring and creating backups.
User Ratings: 4.6

#7 VaultPress (Jetpack Backup)

VaultPress (Jetpack Backup)

You definitely heard of the Jetpack plugin.

It is one of the best plugins for many reasons. But it’s VaultPress features let you take the backup of your website.

With VaultPress, you don’t have to take any action manually, just like UpdraftPlus and Backup Buddy.

They take up backup automatically with a simple restore procedure.

Here, you will get dedicated backups storage by Jetpack that adds extra flexibility to secure your backups. 

But the sad part is, it is a product of Jetpack and you have to subscribe to their plans in order to use VaultPress.

In addition, the subscription cost is higher for each site with a monthly subscription. This altogether seems unfavorable for most of the bloggers who just started their site. 

Moreover, VaultPress only gives 30 days of backup archives. And if you want more, you have to pay $30 more per website. This makes it one of the most expensive WordPress backup plugins

Highlighted Features

  • One of the most powerful backup plugins.
  • Security add-ons including, malware, viruses, exploits codes, and malicious program.
  • Protect your website from host failure.
  • Real-time automatic backups on their vaults.
  • Terribly easy to restore from backups.
  • Easy site migrations or duplication to different hosts.
  • Inbuilt file repair system to repair damage or alteration caused by viruses, malware, and other malicious plugins.
  • Automatic file scanning to trace any malicious activity on your site.
  • Painless spam management to protect your site from any spam attack.

User Ratings: 4.2

User Ratings: 4.2

#8 Backup Guard

Backup Guard

If you mind mining on the tag “Value for money”, the Backup Guard plugin will give you full satisfaction for its feature that justifies your purchase.

Unlike other premium backup plugins, you don’t have to pay yearly or monthly subscriptions, but one-time, fixed amounts for sites.

The starting billing amount is $25 for 2 websites for a lifetime. Yes, a lifetime without compromising on the backing up features.

So, like others, with this plugin, you can also take manual or automatic backups, one-click restoration, migration, and staging on a live website.

In addition, you can also back up and save your website either on local storage or cloud storage. It supports most of the cloud storage junctions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, and OneDrive.

One of the most remarkable features that adore me a lot is its low CPU and RAM usage while backing up. This saves crucial server resources that could be vital for heavy traffic website users.

Backup Guard backup plugins come with additional security features that again make your website and backup secure from unethical personals. 

Highlighted Features

  • Flexible pricing with lifetime usage.
  • Easy website backup, restore staging, and cloning.
  • It’s too easy to migrate a site from one hosting to another.
  • Single profiled automatic backups to different cloud storage such as dropbox, google drive, etc.
  • Support backup using SFTP/FTP.
  • Chunked based restore and backups to avoid any possible restriction by PHP which is less than 2MB.
  • Real-time monitoring and security features such as malware scan, malicious code injection, hacker backdoor ways, etc.
  • You can download the backup files locally to your own computer.
  • Emergency support for your panic days.
  • Email notification for the backups, and restoring processes.
User Ratings: 4.5

#9 BackWPup

With the use of the BackWpup plugin, you can easily restore and schedule automatic backups for your WordPress websites.

Here, you can decide which type of content you would like to store where and when. Moreover, it also protects your websites from potential hacks and performs site maintenance in real-time. 

This makes it a complete backup solution for WordPress websites.

It is also available in the pro version. The pro version is like other plugins, nothing much here to say. However, they can backup your website in a single zip file that makes the archiving easy to maintain.

Though it has a free version, you don’t have too many options to do backups. So, I would say, install it, only when you’re going to use its pro version.

Otherwise, its free version is not that much recommended to invest the crucial backups of your website.

Highlighted Features

  • Full database backup including media, plugins, themes, and users database.
  • Full database check and compression.
  • Multisite support for backing up.
  • Email notification for the log reports of backups.

Premium Features

  • Complete automatic backups and restore in case of vulnerability errors and updates.
  • Easy scheduling for the backup internals.
  • Standalone feature for emergency restore.
  • Secure backups with encryption.
  • 10+ web storage integration for backing up and restoring your website.
User Ratings: 4.4

#10 WPvivid Backup Plugin

Backup & Migration & Unused Images Cleaner – WPvivid Backup Plugin

WPvivid Backup Plugin has all the amazing features that most of the best WordPress backup and transfer plugins do.

You can use the WPvivid plugin for creating the feature-rich backup, restore, or migration. The whole functionality comes into a small package and most for free. 

With it, you can easily transfer your WordPress site to a new domain without getting too much into coding. Staging facility is available too.

So, if you just want a plugin for your WordPress backup, you can go with this plugin. It is cheap. Free to use. And most importantly, it provides all the facilities for backing up and restoring your website.

Hence, this cheapest and free of cost version is enough if you’re just beginning your online journey.

This also gives some sort of security towards error handling while restoring and taking backups. 

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect and responsive dashboard design which makes it compatible to use even in phones and tablets.
  • Multiple cloud storage support along with DigitalOcean and FTP connections.
  • You can customize the backup content such as changing the domain name.
  • Edit like a live website because of the staging environment.
  • Options to delete unused images before taking backup and doing the migration. 
  • Backup splitting, and a backup lock to keep backups safe from auto-deletion among others.
  • Emails reports and notifications after backup and restoring completion.
  • You can filter files based on sizes, log times, and save them as backups.
User Ratings: 4.9

#11 WP Time Capsule

Backup and Staging by WP Time Capsule

The most outlooked and one of the expensive WordPress backup plugins is WP Time Capsule. 

It charges you a hefty amount of $149 per two sites but for a lifetime. So, if you’re looking for premium backup plugins that give you lifetime updates and backups, WP Time Capsule could be the best alternative. 

However, the pricing is not that much more— for lifetime updates— than other plugins. But the other backup plugins are more relevant and choosy to users. 

Moreover, a one-time high price might be a deal-breaker for most of the users.

But honestly, it justifies its pricing.

With WP time Capsule, you will get all the premium benefits from backing up to staging and migration. 

But what makes it my pick in this list of best WordPress backup plugins is its restore window of 365 days.

It’s insanely terrific.

So, if you want to take a backup of your site with backups older than 365 days, then it would be the right choice for you. 

Highlighted Features

  • Protect and update your websites without any risk with a 365 days restore window.
  • Schedule backup with intervals based hours.
  • Real-time backup without using too many server resources.
  • Automatic incremental backups including child themes changes.
  • Automatic backup before updating to WordPress core updates.
  • Various integrated cloud storage is available such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc.
  • Backups before any vulnerability updates to themes and plugins.
  • One-Click staging for making changes and deploying them on live websites.
  • Second layer protection with encrypted database backups.
User Ratings: 4.1

#12 WP Database Backup

Just do backup and restore. That’s what and only use this tool. And honestly, this tool does its job without any hassle. 

WP Database backup can create a multi-functional backup. You can choose various parameters for backing up your website. 

Features such as scheduling backups based on pre-set intervals. The dashboard is simple— gives a classic old look— where you can settle your desired option. 

There is nothing more here that I can tell you except “Search and Replace” features.

With the help of this feature, you can migrate your website to a different name and URL. More, you can force your URLs to redirect through specific URLs such as SSL.

Without the “Search and Replace” option, there is nothing that you would get in the free version. However, with its pro version, you will get tons of options to settle your backup requirements. 

Highlighted Features

  • One-click backup of your entire site along with themes and plugins.
  • Auto backups with frequency timer.
  • Options to exclude certain tables from backups.
  • Remarkable search and replace feature for migration to different domain names.
  • Support remote backup using FTP/sFTP connections.
  • Detailed information on your hosted server and file paths.

Premium Features

  • Save backups to multiple cloud services such as Dropbox.
  • Selected file backup with simple checkmarks.
  • Download log files to the local system.
  • Multisite backup compatibility including media files.
  • Create and save unlimited backup files
  • Quick support from WP DB Backup team.
User Ratings: 4.6

#13 WP Clone by WP Academy

One window interface. That’s all you get with WP Clone.

Its one-page dashboard has a whole list of options from creating backup files to restoring them. 

The modules have a one-click backup button. But for restoring, your backup must have available at a sharable platform with a URL.

You can’t restore files from a zip upload or file upload. Your files need to be on specific cloud storage. That’s sometimes not favorable to all WordPress users. 

Conversely, most of the users take backups of their website to respective cloud storage. So, it can be manageable for some of the users. 

But, if you ask me, “I am a beginner, should I go with WP Clone for backing up”. My answer would be, “No”.

Because WP Clone is majorly used only for one function i.e. to clone a website. And that’s what their developers promise to do.

So, if you have some knowledge of cloning and backing up, then you can use WP Clone to backup your files.

However, another disappointing feature is, no auto-scheduled backup. This altogether might be a nightmare for WordPress beginners. That’s why it is the least recommended WordPress plugin for backing up.

Highlighted Features

  • Able to create a backup, migrate, and clone your website.
  • No FTP access is required to backup your files and even at the time of restoring them.
  • It creates full site backups including media, plugins, themes, posts, and admin databases.
  • Easily fetch the backup using HTTP file connection from the host server.
  • Save a lot of time by directly fetching data from your host server.
User Ratings: 4.1

Quick Verdict

To finalize this long list post on the Best WordPress Backup plugins, I came up with a few categories that might further help you in choosing the best for your site.

Best Overall Free WordPress Backup Plugin

  • UpdraftPlus Backups
  • All-in-One WP Migration

Best Premium WordPress Backup Plugin

  • UpdraftPlus Premium
  • iThemes BackupBuddy

Best Premium WordPress Plugin with One Time Payment

  • WP Time Capsule

Best Backup Plugin with Encrypted Database

  • iThemes BackupBuddy
  • BlogVault

Cheapest Premium WordPress Plugin

  • BoldGrid Backup

Best Free Backup Plugins For Easy Migration

  • All-in-One WP Migration
  • Duplicator 

Best Premium Backup Plugins with Most Feature

  • VaultPress by Jetpack (You will get all the Jetpack features such as antispam, website traffic analysis, etc.)

The above is my final verdict.

Now, the following are some of the questions that you might search on google.

General FAQ

1. What is the best backup plugin for WordPress?

  • UpdraftPlus— no doubt. It is the best backup plugin that gives you a flexible setting to store and restore your backups. And the most demandable features that you get in its free version is Automatic backups on more than 15 cloud storage. 

2. What is the best way to back up a WordPress site for beginners?

  • The most recommended way for beginners is using WordPress backup plugins. But if you know about FTP or Cpanel, you can easily take manual backups.

3. How do I backup my WordPress site in cPanel?

  • 1. Log-in to Cpanel, and go to “File section”.
  • 2. In the file section, select the Backup option.
  • Follow the following pointers:
  • 3. Select “Full backup” and then click on “Generate a full website backup”.
  • 4. Select the Home Directory from the drop-down menu.
  • 5. And lastly, fill in the email id.

4. Can I download my WordPress site backup?

  • Yes, you can. Most of the backup plugins give a dashboard option to download WordPress files locally.
  • For Cpanel users, they can hover over to “Backups available for download” in the backup option.
  • Moreover, you can also download it by using an FTP server connection with your host.

5. How long does a website backup take?

  • It depends. More the size of the website more will be the backup time. Plus, your hosting company performance.
  • But in our test, it roughly takes 3 minutes to backup around 700 MB website with an average speed of 3.5 Mbps using UpdraftPlus.

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