How To Create Color Picker Tools Using JavaScript and HTML?

In this article we are going to teach you how to make online color picker tools using javascript and html, here we will use simple javascript script for some animation and html code for some design, so no more time wasting and read this article now.


<title>Online Color Picker Script - Pinepl</title>
<script src="jscolor.js"></script>
  <td><input class="pik1 jscolor"> </td>
function setTextColor(picker) {
document.getElementsByTagName('.bharat')[0].style.background-color = '#' + picker.toString()


Here the jscolor.js is content large amount javascript code, it can’t possible to display all javascript code in web page, so don’t warry, here you can easily download this file by click on below download link.

Download jscolor.js

See Live Demo

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