How To Register Free Domains

Register Free Domains | Hi there, we found a website to register free domains for your website, in this article we will tell you about register free domains for your website or projects, here you can register TLD (Top Level Domains) without any cost men’s free so let’s start this article.

# Where is Register Free Domain?

Here main questions are where is register a free domain or which website provide’s free domain so see below website list all website are provides free domain, choose any one website and register your free domain.

  1. Dot.TK
  2. Freenom

# Step to Register Free Domains

Here is a step to register a free domain in a freenom website,simply open any browser and open freenom website and search your favorite domain and register it for more details follow below step.

#01 Step

How To Register Free Domains

The open freenom website, see below image for batter understanding.


#02 Step

How To Register Free Domains

Here you can see we search pinepl and pinepl domain available, here you can register .tk domain, .tk domain is free TLD domain see below image.


# Final World

In final step click on Checkout button and login or signup in freenom and your free domain is successfully registered,We hope this article helped you to Register Free Domains. You may also want to see – How To Change The Default WordPress Email Address.

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