HTML - Elements

In HTML element usually consists of a start tag and end tag, with the content inserted in between the following simple table to display some html element.

Start Tag

End Tag














<tag_name> Your Content Here </tage_name>


<html> is a starting delimit the text inside,add a closing tag by adding a "/" to the starting tag.most but not all tag have a closing is necessary to write the code for an html page between <html> and </html>


The HTML document is isolated into HEAD tag.the information about the document is kept within <head> tag.


The title element is the only required element of the is used to give your document name.


All the content to be displayed on the web page has to be written within the body tag.

H1 Tag

This is first heading tag

P Tag

This is paragraph tag write paragraph uisng this tag.

BR Tag

<br> tag is unpaired tags,if it has not a closing is used to break the current line.

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