Learn HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.it is a language that allows us to create a kind of documents that can be viewed on any machine,in any operating system,in a similar way.the document created using this language is called webpage.the clickable text in these web pages,which can point to another document or a webpage,is called hyperlink or hypertext.

This is the language which allows you to create hyper text into the document that is why it is called Hyper Text Markup Language.Using this language you can apply different effects to your text,images,you can create tables,forms with different controls etc,in short,HTML is just a series of tag that are integrated into a document that can have text,images or multimedia content.


This tutorial is designed to help beginners and professionals.easily learn and understand our tutorial in easy and simple language,our goal is better understanding.


This tutorial are required basic knowledge of computer and internet to better understanding html,and second basic requirement is basic knowledge of css and javascript to better designing and validation.


The basic problems learning html is if you don't have basic knowledge of any other programming languages and basic knowledge of computer, first you know about basic used of computer after learn this tutorial for better understanding.


if any typing or spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar and incorrect information of in any topic and examples. Please Write our mistakes in helping from and send to info@virtualhax.com  

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