How To Delete A Blog On Blogger Permanently 2020

How To Delete A Blog On Blogger | Sometimes you need to delete your blog for any reason. That may be because you don’t need that blog anymore or any different reason.

In that case, it is very difficult for you to delete your blog because you have no proper idea of deleting a blog. Especially when your blog is on Blogger.

So here we are sharing the best method on How To Delete A Blog On Blogger Permanently so that you can delete your blog without any delay.

But before explaining the process of deleting a blog hosted on blogger there are some basic things to consider. That will help you to keep your precious data safe.

Why Do You Need To Delete A Blog On Blogger?

As a newbie, you have no idea about blogging and you make the most common mistake every newbie blogger does. That is Creating A Blog On Blogger.

After doing some hard work you realize that Blogger is not the best platform for professional blogging. So you want to move ahead from Blogger to WordPress.

In that case, you need a proper guide for Blogger To WordPress migration. After migrating from Blogger to WordPress you fill that your previous Blogger site is not of any work. So you think it is batter to Delete that Blogger Blog.

Here your search starts for “How To Delete A Blog On Blogger”. This is a very easy task and anyone can do this.

Important Steps To Follow Before Deleting A Blog On Blogger

There are some very important steps you should follow before Deleting A Blog Hosted On Blogger. It will help you to save your important data.

#1. Take A Back Up Of Your Blog

Before deleting your blog always remember to take a back up of your content. It will help you to restore when needed.

  • Go to
  • Login with your account details.
  • Select the Blog you want to back up in the left drop-down menu.

How To Delete A Blog On Blogger

  • Click On Setting>>Other

How To Delete A Blog On Blogger

  • Click on Back Up Content and wait for some time.

It will create a.XML for your back up. Keep it in a safe place for further use.

#2. Take A Back Up Of your Blog’s Theme

The most important thing for your blog is its design. The design of the blog plays an important role in maintaining the Bounce Rate. So before deleting your blog on blogger first take a back up of your theme.

This will help you in the future if you need to restore your blog for any reason.

  • Select the blog you want to back up.
  • Click on Themes on the left menu and press Backup / Restore.

How To Delete A Blog On Blogger

  • Click on Download and wait for some time.

  • An XML file for your theme will be generated.

After taking all the above steps now you are ready to delete your blogger blog. 

How To Delete A Blog On Blogger Permanently

To delete a blog hosted on blogger you need to follow some basic steps. Follow these below steps to delete your blog from the blogger.

  • Go to Blogger and log in with your email id and password. From the left drop-down menu choose the blog you want to delete.

Back up Blogger

  • Click on Setting>>Other. There you will see an option called Delete Blog

  • Click on Delete Blog. A pop up will appear that need your confirmation before deleting  Blogger Blog.

  • If you want to take a back up of your blog you can do that by clicking Download Blog. Otherwise, click on Delete This Blog to delete your blog.

***Only owners or admins can delete a blog on blogger

How To Delete An Old Blog On Blogspot Without Access To Your Email?

Deleting a Blogspot blog is really a simple task. It can be done by anyone. Even a newbie also can do this. This all is very easy if you know the email id and password for your blogger account.

But what if you have forgotten your email id and password. In that case, this task is a little complicated but still not that much hard.

In this case, you have to recover your email account first. Only after that, you would able to delete your Old Blog on the Blogspot platform.

How To Recover Email?

Step 1. Go to Google Accounts or search on google for “find my account”

Step 2. Navigate to find my account.

Step 3. Put your phone number or email id linked. Enter your email if you remember.

If you have forgotten your email id then put your mobile number and click on Next. After that enter your first name and last name.

Step 4. It will show the account associated with your given mobile number. Go to a forgot password.

Step 5. Enter your email id to get a password reset link.

Step 6. Now you can reset your password.

Step 7. After getting the new account details to log in to your blogger account and follow the above steps to delete your blog hosted on blogger.


We hope you got the idea of How To Delete A Blog On Blogger. If you are still not able to delete your blog just comment below with your problem. We will give you the proper steps to follow on the basis of your problem.

If you have any other problem regarding blogger you can ask us in the comment section. We are always ready to help you.

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