Differences Between C and C++



C is Procedural Language.

C++ is non Procedural i.e Object oriented Language.

No virtual Functions are present in C

The concept of virtual Functions are used in C++.

Operator overloading is not possible in C.

Operator overloading is one of the greatest Feature of C++.

Top down approach is used in Program Design.

Bottom up approach adopted in Program Design.

Multiple Declaration of global variables are allowed.

Multiple Declaration of global varioables are not allowed.

Mapping between Data and Function is difficult and complicated.

Mapping between Data and Function can be used using “Objects”

In C, we can call main() Function through other Functions

In C++, we cannot call main() Function through other functions.

C requires all the variables to be defined at the starting of a scope.

C++ allows the declaration of variable anywhere in the scope i.e at time of its First use

It supports built-in and primitive data types.

It support both built-in and user define data types.

In C, Exception Handling is not present.

In C++, Exception Handling is done with Try and Catch block.

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