Differences Between PHP and ASP



PHP is open source technology which can be used for free it means PHP is open source technology.

ASP.Net is a Microsoft technology that is expensive in price it means is not open source.

PHP is a programming language that is used for creating web application.

ASP.Net is a platform in which programming language such as VB.Net and C# can be used to create ASP.Net application.

PHP was launched by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995.

ASP.Net was launched by Microsoft in 2002.

PHP Works well with MySQL Database.MySQL Database is also available Free.

ASP.Net mostly works with MS-SQL Database is not available for free.

PHP can run in Linux Operating System which is available for free.

ASP.Net needs Windows Platform which is not available for free.

PHP Syntax is similar to the syntax of C and C++ Programming.

The ASP.Net syntax is similar to syntax of VB.

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