Linux Application

 Desktop Application

Linux is becoming very popular on standard desktop computer as well as laptop currently most distributors include a graphical user Environment with the most popular environment GNOME and KDE.

 Server Mainframes and Supercomputers

Linux distribution have been logn used as server operating system and have been risen for the importance inthat area,Netcarft reported in 2006 that, the eight of ten most reliable internet hosting companies run linux distribution on their web servers.

 Smart Devices

There are many smart Devices like smart phones ,tablets,smart TVs have the linux based operating system,cell phones running linux on open source platforms have become more common from 2007.

Canonical has released Ubantu,its own mobile OS that aims to bring convergence to the user experience on OS and its desktop counterpart,Ubantu.

 Embedded Devices

Due to its low cost and ease of customization,Linux is often used in embeded the non-mobile telecommunications equipment sector,the majority of customer permises Equipment(CPE)hardware runs some linux based operating system.


There had been several games that run on traditional desktop linux,linux and many of which originally written for desktop OS.However,due to most of game developers not paying attention to such a small market as desktop linux,only few well know games have been available for desktop linux.

 Digital Security

debian based linux distribution provide the application software for security.

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