X Windows Desktop Environment

 Introduction of X Window

 The x window system is a computer software system and network protocol that provides a basis for graphical user interface(GUIs) and input device capability for networked computers.

 The x window system was created with the goal of being modular,using clien/server architecture.

 History of X Window

 X Originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) in 1984,the protocol version has been X11 since 1987,

 The development of X is being handled by the x.org foundation,which assembles people source and therefore,free to be used on linux as well as other system.

 The software released by x.org is open source and freely available under the MIT License.the x.org provides free and open source software that's way free to be used on linux as well as other system.

 Design of X Window

 X uses a client server model an x server communications with various clien programs.the server accepts requests for graphical output and sends back user input(from keyboard,mouse,or touch screen).

 The communication protocol between server and client operates network transparently the client and server may run on the same machine or on different ones,possibly with different architectures and operating system.a client and server can even communicate securely over the internet by tunneling the connection over an encrypted network session.

X Windows

X Window

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