Linux Group Management

You can also manage group with the groupadd, and groupdel commands.these command line operation let you quickly manage a group from a terminal window.


With the groupadd command,you can create new groups.when you add a group to the system,the system places the group`s name in the /etc/group file and gives it a group ID number.if shadow security is in place,changes are made to the /etc/gshadow file.

groupass command only creates the group need to add users to the group the following example,the groupadd command creates the developer group.

#groupadd developer


You can change the name of a group or its ID using the groupmod command.Enter groupmod -g with the new ID number and the group change the name of a group,you use the -n option. enter groupmod -n with the new name of the group,followed by the current the next example,the developer group has its name changed to distribution.

#groupmod -n distribution developer


You can delete a group with groupdel command.In the next example,the developer group is deleted.

#groupdel developer

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