Linux Telnet FTP

TELNET stands for TErminaL NETwork,telnet is both a TCP/IP application and a protocol for connecting a local computer to a remote computer.telnet is a program that allows an internet host computer to become a terminal of another host on the internet.

telnet is the internet remote login service telnet protocol specifies exactly how a remote login interacts,the standard specifies how to client contacts the server and how the server encodes output for transmission to the client.

To use the telnet service,one must invoke the local application program and specify a remote machine,the local program becomes a client,which forms a connection to a server on the remote computer,the client passes keystrokes and mouse movements to the remote machine and display output from the remote machine on the user's display screen,telnet provide direct access to various services on internet.

In short telnet allows two different computer to communicate with each other.telnet allows the user to log on to an account on a remote computer and work as if you were there.this is usefull if you are traveling or are going to be away from your own computer and your local account but need to ahve access to the latter.

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