KDE Desktop Environment

 Introduction of KDE

 The KDE (K Desktop Environment) is developed and distributed by the KDE Project (an Internationl free software Community),which is a large group of hundreds of programmers around the world.KDE is entirely free and open software provided under a GNU Public License.

 The KDE include standard desktop features such as, windows manager and file manager as well as an extensive set of application that cover most of the linux task.

 It is known for its plasma desktop,a desktop environment which is provided as default environment on many linux distribution,such as OpenSuse,Knoppix,Kubuntu.

 The objective of KDE is to provid a level of desktop functionality and ease of use found in MAC/OS and windows system,combined with the power and flexibility of the unix operating system .KDE provides users with a consistent integrated desktop,where all application use GUI interfaces.

 History of KDE

 K Desktop Environment(KDE) was founded in 1996 by Matthias Ettrich who was then a student at the Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen and it has extensive list of sponsors incliding suse,Red Hat,Mandriva and Other.

 K Desktop Environment was written in C++ Programming Language with the designing of Qt libraries.(Qt is considered one of the best GUI libraries available for Unix/Linux system)

 KDE includes Editor,Photo and Paint Image application,spreadsheets,and Office application.such application usually have the 'K' lette as part of thir name like KWord or KMail a variety of tools are provided with KDE desktop environment like calculators,console windows,notepad etc.


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