GNOME Desktop Environment

 Introduction of GNOME

 The GNU Network Object Model Environment also known as GNOME is a powerfull and easy to use environment consisting primarily of a panel,a desktop,and a set of GUI tools with which program interface can be cinstructed.

 GNOME is designed to provid a flexible platform for the development of powerful application.

 Currently,GNOME is supported by sevral distribution and is the primary interface for red hat and mandrake,and GNOME is free and released under the GNU Public License.

 You can download the source code,as well as documentation and other GNOME software,directly from the GNOME website at -

 Several companies have joined together to form the GNOME foundation,and organization dedicated to coorinating the development of GNOME software application,such companies as Sun,IBM,HP.

 History of GNOME

 GNOME was started on 1997 by Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena as a free software projec to develop a desktop environment and application for it.

 It was founded in part because K Desktop Environment,an already existing free software desktop environment,stayed on the Qt widget toolkit ehich at the time used a proprietary software license.

 In place of Qt the GTK+ toolkit was chosen as the base of GNOME.GTK+ uses the GNU Lesser General Public License(LGPL).GNU itself is license under the LGPL for its libraries ,and the GNU General Public License for its application.

 GNOME Components

The core components of the gnome desktop consist of a panel for starting programs,a file manager,web browser,windows manager,for a file manager,the gnome desktop uses nautilus.the gnome desktop does not have its own window manager as KDE does.

 GNOME Panel

the gnome panel appears as a long bar across the bottom of the holds menus,programs,and applets.on the panel is a button with a large footprint on it.this gnome application menu,the main menu.

 Window Manager

GNOME works with any window uses sawfish window allows user to resize the window by clicking its sides and can move the window with click and drag operations on its on its title bar.its upper right corner show minimize,maximize,close also provides gnome can also change other window manager.

 GNOME File Manager

GNOME uses file manager,gnome midnight commander(GMC).File Manager supports the standard features for copying,removing,and deleting items as well as setting permissions and displaying items just as GMC dose.


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